The MTO Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail has renewed its Green Flag Status for the next two years. It was the first trail in South Africa to achieve Green Flag status, with the first Green Flag being received in August 2009.

Green Flag Trails work towards sustainable trail development, where the trails accredited meet strict criteria. Green Flag recognizes trails that meet minimum standards in terms of reliable information on:

  • accommodation
  • trail facilities and service rendered
  • difficulty level
  • type of environment the trail runs through
  • proof of the conservation of natural and cultural resources and assurance of hikers’safety. (resource: Green Flag Trails)

A Green Flag Trail ensures the best possible hiking experience for the hiker. It is an accreditation system that aspire to offer hikers assurance and all necessary information about a trail.

The trail is audited by HOSA (Hiking Organisation of SA) every 2-3 years. It was audited in September 2016 by an independent hiker who submitted a monitoring assessment.

It took a lot of hard work to initially obtain the Green Flag Status, but it took even more effort to sustain the status. It is a big achievement for The MTO Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail Team and we are very proud of our new accreditation. We are constantly striving to offer the best possible hiking experience.

We look forward to hosting many more hikers in 2017.