Terms & Conditions

Registration & General Items

A system of annual permits and day permits will be applied. Annual permits require a formal procedure which might take a couple of days, while day permits can simply be bought at the control gate. Only use permitted entry points for all locations. In the case of the Tokai Mountain Bike Trail the entry point is through the control gate at the Arboretum. Access at any other point will be treated in a very harsh light. Should the trail be accessed or used illegally, the visitor will immediately be expelled from the property. A mountain bike permit will allow the rider to use only his mountain bike on the trail. No vehicles other than mountain bikes will be allowed. Vehicles of MTO Group and emergency vehicles are also making use of the jeep tracks. Be on the lookout for them at all times. On exceptional high fire risk days, cyclists might be requested by the MTO Group manager or other personnel to evacuate the trail. The mountain biker indemnifies MTO Group against any claims and/ or legal proceedings instituted by himself/ herself or any third party, which may arise from his/ her entry into the plantation or utilising the trail. Use of the mountain bike trail is a privilege and an experience to be shared with many other forest users, hikers, runners, horse riders, etc. Please be considerate to them and honour their right to a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Rules of the Trail

Permits must be kept available at all times whilst utilising the trail. The trails are being used at own risk. Please keep to the marked route, follow the arrows and bike signs. Do not deviate from a main route unless clearly indicated to do so. Use of the trail is limited to daylight hours only. Bikers will only be allowed on existing trails as indicated on the map and will not be allowed to utilise ecologically sensitive areas, footpaths or any other area. Do not take short cut at bends or zig-zags. Smoking and the making of fires is prohibited. No littering please. No pets or other animals are allowed on the trails. All fauna, flora and other elements of nature is protected. Please do not remove, damage or disturb. It is illegal to fiddle around or interfere with infrastructure along the trails, e.g. weather stations, stream flow monitoring equipment, sign boards, directional arrows, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your ride!