The trail’s overnight accommodation facilities have been upgraded to an excellent standard and you can truly enjoy magnificent views and relax in comfort at each of the five overnight huts. Each hut is supplied with bunk beds and mattresses accommodating a maximum of 24 hikers per night. Spacious balconies with undercover wooden table and chair combinations provide for a congenial patio setting.

The ablution facilities at each hut have two flush toilets, two showers and a wash basin. A novel hot water shower-bucket is available at all five overnight huts. Clean, fresh water is readily available from the rain-tank taps and at basins.

Our Huts

Kalander Hut

Named after the common Afrikaans name for the Outeniqua yellow-wood or kalander tree, Podocarpus falcatus. There are many fine specimens of the Kalander tree in the forest at Nature’s Valley and at Kalander Hut.

Keurbos Hut

Name after the Keurboom, Virgilia oroboides, with reference to the Afrikaans word “keur”. The English translation of “keur” is “choice”, with reference to the pretty pea-like pinkish- purplish flowers of the tree. A further name derivation of “keur”, could be “stop or break”and this refers to the tree’s role as a fire buffer as it is a pioneer species which grows in the fynbos – forest ecotone.

Heuningbos Hut

Named after the very attractive and sweet smelling fynbos shrub, Cyclopia species or honeybush plant, which grows in the surrounding mountainous region and at the overnight hut. The conspicuous yellow flowers are evident during the spring when the shrub is in flower.

Sleepkloof Hut

Named after the old wood-cutters who used to pull or, the Afrikaans word “sleep”, timber out from the river gorges to the north of the hut.

Bloukrans Hut

Named after the bluish tinge or appearance of the massive Bloukrans river gorge. The Bloukrans Hut is situated in close proximity to this gorge with incredible views.

Important Notice

Travellers’ Notice

  • Please ensure that all doors and windows at all overnight huts are closed when you leave the hut. Baboons create major damage to the hut’s interior should doors/ windows be left open. Strong winds will also shatter open windows and may break the door leavers if left open.
  • Please make sure that you have extinguished all fires before departure from the hut and never leave a fire unattended. It is best to throw some water over the mouldering coals to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Please ensure that you have read all the river safety instructions during times of heavy rainfall. This is of relevance between Bloukrans – Keurbos; Keurbos – Heuningbos and Heuningbos – Sleepkloof Huts.
  • Please take note of all trail escape routes. It is especially important to note that some escape routes cannot be reached during times of heavy rainfall SHOULD YOU BE TRAPPED/STRANDED between rivers which are flowing very strongly. This is another reason why it is very important to familiarise yourself with the river safety instructions.
  • This information is also displayed at the Bloukrans, Keurbos and Heuningbos Huts.
  • Please do not leave struggling hikers behind and assume that they will catch up with you at a later stage. Wait for all group members before proceeding at regular intervals. Remember that hiking in a group is always the safest option.

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