White River Trails

The rolling Hills of the White River area are covered in trees planted in deep red soil with the occasional granite dome protruding from the earth. The views from the hilltops are a spectacular green carpet of trees with dams on the valley floors.

MTO trails has very little fencing allowing long continuous rides over a 6000ha area with very few man made obstacles. The average ride will roughly climb 2% of your distance. Climbs will average between 5-15 minutes. The single track down hills will then take you back down taking on average 3-10 minutes.

The base loops will give you between 20 & 40 km of riding. From there the rider must venture onto the 40 km single track network around White River. The majority of single track have a 3 dimensional feel as you wind your way around the trees in the plantations, duck under obstacles in the indigenous areas or cycle through grasslands along the dams and rivers.

Remember to stop occasionally listen to the bird life, watch our birds of prey effortlessly glide through the trees, allow the African wild life to scamper back into the undergrowth and breathe in the views of one of the most beautiful areas of South Africa.

Buy your annual MTO Trails White River permit at Pull Scar.
8am – 4pm: Monday – Friday
7am – 10am: Saturdays

Day Permit Rate: R50
Single Year Permit: R500
Family Year Permit: R700

Disclaimer: All visitors using the facilities do so at their own risk. MTO, its employees and/ or Cape Nature shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsover caused.

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